our role

our role is

To observe, identify and analyze market demand and expectations. To adapt to the perspectives and trends, we have diversified and tailored our offer, allowing us to develop a wide and complete products range.


wineo general manager and partner

« Our objectives are to enable consumers to experience an unique journey through our products and their stories, to offer them outstanding service, judicious advice and a personalized support with a high added value. »

OUR commitments

b e  P R E S E N T


l i s t e n i n g ,

I D E N T I F y i n g  &  a n a l y s i n g

c r e a t i n g  s o l u t i o n

As traders and market experts, we are always there for our clients. Our company being in Shanghai, we are able to travel to meet our customers at any time.

We conduct competitive intelligence on a daily basis. Knowing its competitors, their strengths and weaknesses as well as the evolution of the sector allows us to detect trends in the China/France markets and to reinforce our professionalism with clients.

We follow the evolution of customer and market needs and offer new opportunities through the development of products, brands, packaging. We have a marketing team dedicated to the realization of these projects.

A D V I S I N G  &  A C C O M P A N Y I N G

b r a n d  a m b a s s a d o r 

We help the customer to develop these brands over the long term by providing regular follow-up. This makes it possible to develop relationships to sell solutions. We also ensure an order follow-up on a daily basis to be able to anticipate risks. 

Our image determines the success of brands and relationships with our customers. A good brand ambassador can thus prospect, create and develop his customer portfolio with the major market players to grow the structure and his customer account.